Diary of Thoughts

Let me just wipe the layer of dust off my blog as I have totally neglected it. 

In 2017, I tried to think “what niche does my blog fit in!?”, “where do I fit in the world of bloggers?”. I tried to experiment and find out what I am passionate about writing and honestly I was completely overthinking it.

It’s nice people have asked “Oh, I haven’t seen you blog in a while, what happened?”. Then, over some hot chocolate, I met Fiona Brown, Development Manager for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland, and she said “Y’know you can just blog about your life! What’s going on! Oh your travels and exploring different cultures”.

And so… I’m back baby.

That’s what I’m gonna do. It’s my “Diary of Thoughts”. Sort of like a Digital Diary? That hopefully people can relate to. I do all my planning on paper then type on my  computer. Else I would just stare at a blank document.

First on my list is my travels I can’t wait to discuss my experience. It’s something everyone should experience so refreshing about exploring a new culture.

…. “You only know what you know”

So while settling down with a hot chocolate make a list of all the places you would like to travel, make a plan.

Think BIG people!

Then after that I’m just gonna wing it and see what life throws at me and if it’s worth sharing. But… my work have started a leading library so I might do some book reviews and synopses of what I think.

2018 what will you bring *thinking guy emoji face*


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