On the 21st June 2017, I attended the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence 2017 #SABE17 at the Hilton Hotel for Quality Scotland.

I sat at table nine as part of the Prism Alba team which sponsored the #SABE17 event hosted by David Tanner, Sky Sports presenter. Prism Alba supports Quality Scotland because both organisations recognise that although profit is important for business, it’s becoming increasingly important to think about the “whole package”. What are your company values?

Company values are a reflection on your company, its impact. This award ceremony recognises organisations with “Harenessing Creativity and Innovation”, “Leading with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity”, “Managing Agility” and “Succeeding through the Talent of People”. Quality Scotland itself struck gold when thinking about good business practice, being the first to win the gold award from the National Green Standard Award (NGSA).

The NGSA is run by Prism Alba which any organisations can apply for, only the best of the best win gold. The NGSA recognises socially responsible, economical viable and environmentally sound practices. Mary McCluskey, Director of Prism Alba, presented Quality Scotland the award during the #SABE17 event.

During #SABE17 our host David Tanner gave a motivational speech linking sports and business together. Both sharing a similarity- team work. When everyone works as one, demonstrating compassion, intergrity and culture. When someone in your team achieves something, no matter the hierarchy, your team mates deserve a well done. Finally, team mates state of mind, dealing with pressure and stress. The importance of building relationships.

For example, David Tanner discusses for years he was influenced to think that he was nervous before going on stage, unintentionally planting a seed of doubt. But, one day someone said to him that being nervous and excited are related. Therefore, changing to a more positve outlook and killing off the unintentional seed.

Business ethics is such an interesting topic, so diverse and meaning different things to different people. It was great to be invited to attend an event which focuses on good practices within businesses. The overall winners of #SABE17 were The Wise Group, which “people are the heart of everything we do“. The Wise Group deliver services that can support people to change their lives.

In the words of David Tanner – well done!

Thank you Prism Alba for inviting me along to the event. It was great to see all the awards being presented and everyone’s excitement on the social media twitter wall. May the quality within organisations continue to improve and organisations think about their values.

Can you relate? Or am I just going crazy?


Above Quality Scotland’s Gold NGSA 


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