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I’ve neglected my blog for a while. Oops, not done a post since New Year. I’ve done a  couple of guest blogging which seems to be growing increasingly popular for building relationships between blogger and company. Bloggers being able to be creative with their content – content marketing. I’ve created a blog posts for The National Green Standard and The Little Lotus Boutique both companies sharing the same values as myself. We also think about the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. When I consider to guest blog for a company, sharing the same values is extremely important.

Today, my interview for Ethical Hour was published discussing my expectations and the benefits of a blogger and a company “team up”. Bloggers spend time building an audience, passionate and share their opinions. When looking at the interviews by ethical hour titled top ethical bloggers you should be working with, we all share something similar which are: values; sustainability; educate and not preach; and collaboration. It’s about sending out a message to be more conscious about what people buy but NOT looking at people in a judgemental way. Hopefully by bloggers collaborating with companies this builds awareness.

Why did I collaborate with these brands?

I agreed to collaborate with The National Green Standard Award, Ethical Hour and Little Lotus Boutique because they think about more that just profit. These companies think about the “bigger picture”.

The National Green Standard thinks about the “bigger picture” by awarding ethical brands who think about the triple bottom line. At an affordable price ethical brands could get the accrediation they deserve. I really like this concept and would recommend any company to apply for it. Accredition is important it sends a message to customers that your organisation is reliable and they also give advice for the future.

Ethical Hour also thinks about the future and came up with a fantastic idea. Their idea being for ONE day every week for ONE hour ethical brands, people and bloggers come together on Twitter to discuss ethical topics. This is really inspiring and helps spread the message about the triple bottom line by having an open conversation on social media. This is why I was happy to be interview by them. Ethical Hour has also trended a couple of times on Twitter.

I was happy to collaborate with Little Lotus Boutique because this organisation thinks about sustainable fashion with the mentallity of – look good, feel good and do good. This was one of the very first companies that asked me to guest blog for them. It was also when I realised that I really enjoyed talking about the ethics of business and decided to introduce myself as an “ethical blogger”. Starting to think about where I fit in and think about my blog development.


I’ve really enjoyed guest blogging and one of the next steps is development. Getting creative with photography, photoshop (really scared about this one) and thinking about where does REALatable stand in the blogging world.

It was great guest blogging for these companies in my spare time but TIGERS LTD are focusing on my development in the digital marketing world. Which fits in nicely with my blogging. I’ve been given more responsiblity for my Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing in the run in the run up to #ScotAppWeek17 which will be published next week on social media. I was also given a very exciting opportunity to meet and interviewed Jamie Hepburn, Minister of Employability and Training, at the Scottish Parliament and will be published next week. We discussed the benefits of  Modern Apprenticeships. I went to the Scottish Parliment with other inspiring Modern Apprentices – Colette Cassidy, Alannah Craig and Liam McGuire. I was lucky to have the support of Pauline Scott, Director of TIGERS LTD, and Ian Scott, Business Development Manager, which made this an exciting and memorable experience.

Bring on #ScotAppWeek17

See I’ve not been a complete blogging hermit.

The links below are the companies which I have guest blogged for:

Like Kermit the frog says: “It’s not easy being green”

Can you relate? Or am I just going crazy?



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