I’m Ready For Ya 2017 🍾

I’ve attempted this blog post many times. Honestly, found it quite difficult because it can be quite cheesy and predictable. Although, I’ve seen some very good blog posts from other bloggers about their 2016 adventures. So I thought why not!

If I could sum up my 2016 in one word then it would be tough. Although I don’t have bills to pay, a car, my own little family, a wedding to pay for or a baby. Personally, it has been a very challenging and tough year. A year of discovering my own abilities.

There has been a couple of events that have completely changed my outlook on life, which are:

1. Being spiked

2. Being judged

3. Loosing confidence

4. Being unemployed

5. Making myself ill

Now, I’m not saying these things for pity. I am actually happy I experienced these negative aspects because I am now stronger. I have my family and friends which gave me incredible support. I was welcomed into TIGERS LTD seeing my potiental. I am extremely proud of myself.

I am proud. But I want to also share with an important lesson I have learnt do not let anyone define who you are, you define who you are. I was labelled as a stupid little girl who can’t retain information. We may enter the world of work and begin at the bottom, doesn’t mean we let others walk all over us. I can now welcome 2017 and kiss goodbye the past.

Cliche as it sounds the past is the past. It’s important not to wollow in it but to change it into a positive experience. Despite of all these negativities I achieved so many great things, such as:

1. Raising 2,165 for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland

2. Completing Tough Mudder- 12 mile mud run with obstacles

3. The birth of my blog

4. Creating a ceilidh event in aid of Pancreatic Cancer Scotland.

5. Finding a new job – TIGERS LTD

6. Being involved in an article for the Daily Record for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland.

7. Attending an event at Scottish Parliament for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland and Pancreatic Cancer UK.

8. An internship with Fake Bake United

9. Help pull together the Golden Glamour Event for Fake Bake United.

10. Being part of the #saveyourselfie campaign for Fake Bake United

See far more positives!

No matter how many positives or negatives. You survived another year in this cray cray world. So pop open a bottle of the finest supermarket prosecco; wishing people that pass by a many happy returns; first-footing and hoping we get a tiny bit of good luck while drunkenly singing Auld Lang Syne…my dear🎶. We survived it.

Although it can be quite a depressing and faced with negative experience, thinking about not acheiving things this year or loved ones lost. Maybe a better way is to try and set goals for 2017. No idea if it will help but giving it a bash!

By setting goals, I’m hoping this gives me motivation and direction. So here are my 2017 goals:

1. Learn to drive, someone kick me if I don’t achieve this. Don’t need to pass. But at least attempt.

2. Do more for Pancreatic Cancer.

3. Develop my blog

4. Go on holiday – somewhere exciting and different

5. Do more exercise. I do absolutely nothing.

I’m ready for ya 2017. Give it your best shot. Happy Hogmanay for tomorrow and a many happy returns 🍾.

Can you relate? Or am I just going crazy?


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  1. amiiat30 says:

    Your positives are really wonderful. Here’s to a great 2017. Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

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