Cheers… To An Imperfect Christmas🎄

Hello everyone!

I thought I would do a little Christmas blog post, seeing as my blog is lacking a bit of festive holiday spirit.

As we sit down to a golden crisp turkey; with our perfectly decorated Christmas tree glistening in the background. A moment fit for a festive family Christmas card, there is a few things about Christmas that don’t sit comfortably with me.

Firstly, it’s the expectation of Christmas- the bigger the better. The connotations that Christmas is about extravagant gifts, social media show offs and big romantic proposals. However, there is another side to Christmas that I absolutely love. It’s exactly that love. The love of spending time with the people close to you, such as friends and family… tis the season to be jolly.

But we….

Spend hours stressing about the “perfect” Christmas… if there is such a thing.

Spend hours stressing about the perfect gift because it’s the idea that we are going to give our loved ones something extra special this year.

Spend hours stressing because we aren’t quite sure that our feast of a Christmas dinner, with our cheese board and TRILLION desserts might not be enough.

Spend hours stressing that the tinsel on the Christmas tree isn’t tinselled enough.

Come’on, save the lecture, it’s Christmas. We worked all year round, so what if we have a little festive spirit.

But, what if our quest for a “perfect” Christmas is sabotaging this time of year.

Recently, I’m like…. seriously!?

It shouldn’t be that stressful! Or be about a room packed filled with presents.

The reason why? Because for so many of us it’s a gloomy reminder.

A reminder that they don’t have a family.

A reminder of loneliness.

A reminder that happiness doesn’t exist in their head.

A reminder that there is no roof over their head.

A reminder that their plastic Christmas cup isn’t half full but indeed half empty.

It might seem like a bit of a moan. Not saying we have to completely change. I love Christmas festivities. But maybe we should show compassion and be cautious of these reminders. Simple as thinking of others, slip in a cheeky donation.

Just a reminder that Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones. Even though people are struggling at this time of year.


Sit down with a glass of prosecco, playing pie face or laughing in histerics at playing speak out with your loved ones.

Just don’t stress out too much about making it a “perfect” Christmas. So what if you burnt the turkey. A tin of beans will do.

Cheers… to an imperfect Christmas 🍻

Can you relate? Or am I just going crazy?


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