Personal and Professional Development

Take a deep breath… relax.

That moment when you can feel your legs jitter as you step through the door.

A.K.A. New job nerves. 

This is definitely relatable to everyone.

But there is a certain point when the panic settles and beginning to feel slightly comfortable.

Learning how to cope with “new job nerves” is extremely important, especially for a young person, it can be quite daunting. Packed filled with professional firsts.

Learning can be linked to many things – behaviour, knowledge and experience. All of these are important for personal and professional development.


If you get that sudden blind panic of completely fluffing up a task… don’t worry! Fix it and then move on.

Everyone makes mistakes. EVERYONE.

Learn from your experiences.

Based on my experience as an Adminstrator at Tigers Ltd, I’m going to discuss my top three learning curve moments. It’s all very new to me as I have very little administrator experience (although I thought it was a piece of cake). These learning curve moments are all containing transferable skills.

My top learning curve moment would be office ethics. WOW my organisational skills were lacking. Of course, I know the importance of being organised and writing a “to-do-list”. But, it’s learning how to use this skill- knowledge into practice. This is an important learning curve moment because it’s how we develop professionally. Developing how we interact with people and communication. So… there is no sign of being a panicky, crumbly mess when given tasks.

Stealing second place is communication, which is linked with the first learning curve moment. Communication is important because it’s the development of how we handle conflict and problem solve. I feel communication develops through group work, taking responsibility and most importantly experience.

Can read all the textbooks and journals you want but communication can only develop through interacting with people.

I feel there is two very important aspects to consider when communicating with people:

1. Remain postive. No one likes or listens to a negative nancy. People don’t listen to negativity, it’s deflating and draining.

2. Be construction when giving critcism. Don’t just tell someone they are rubbish- encourage, explain and guide a way forward.

Finally, number three learning curve moment is multi-tasking. It is important to get into the habit of being flexible and having the ability to do tasks at the same time- such as answering phones and doing databases. It’s a juggling act, a performance and all done with a smile, Cheshire Cat style.

I haven’t completed mastered these skills, but I am certainly developing. Development is a continuous process no matter what age, it’s challenging and motivational. Don’t switch to safe mode, always challenge yourself.

Be a Tiger.

Be courageous.

Can you relate? Or am I just going crazy? 



2 Comments Add yours

  1. heytheremacy says:

    Great post! My communication skills have improved so much since starting my job since I’m always having to communicate with teachers, students, and parents of students at my tutoring job!



    1. Thanks for the comment! I know my communication skills are improving to 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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