Stick To Planning

What was I suppose to do today? 

What! That was tonight I don’t have an outfit #disaster 

Have I completed all my tasks? 

I’ve forgotten to do that!

We all have that blind panic. The moment we realise we are juggling too much and learning to multi-task. Through my experience, I am learning the importance of writing things down. I am picturing a tiny person in my head filing away my thoughts thinking information OVERLOAD!

Honestly, I’ve never really stuck to keeping a diary. But growing up, I’ve realised the benefits of keeping a diary, making a to-do list and calendars. Basically, writing my whole life down on a piece of paper, otherwise there is a 99% chance I will forget. This can improve prioritising, planning and organisational skills. However, it can be extremely bland and boring. I’ve tried to add a bit of creativity to my planning, see how it goes, making it engaging.

Sure, I could plan my life on my IPhone or desktop computer with an electronic calendar and adding the lastest app. But where is the fun in that? There is something much more fun having a piece of paper, pen and having a creative flare.

On the other hand, my passion is social media and a fan of technology. But it is about creating a balance and not having my nose glued to my phone or computer 24/7. I think keeping your own paper diary is a great idea!

By keeping a paper diary, I can get the creative juicies flowing. I see so many creative diaries on Instagram. I love my new diary from An added bonus is these nifty stickers from Candy Pink Designs. This makes my diary more visual, adding a splash of colour to planning and most importantly making it fun. Planning should be fun and not laborious. Candy Pink Designs created these personalised work/blogger plan stickers which I requested. This amazing sticker company can do the same for you, make planning fun.

Contact Candy Pink Designs via:

Facebook- @CandyPinkDesigns

Instagram- @candypinkdesigns

main website-

Can you relate? Or am I just going crazy? 



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