Anti-Social Media

How lovely does she look in that dress?
Another engagement! Look how happy they are!
How adorable is their new-born baby.
Wow, some social life, she is always out.
That’s amazing, they are traveling all over the world.

It is so easy to compare our lives to other people on social media. We are fascinated with liking, sharing, following and commenting. I often find myself scrolling through social media like it’s some sort of newspaper.
Social media has both positive and negative sides. From a business perspective, a gift, although has the potential to tarnish a business’s reputation (so, not so gift like). One bad review, or worse photographic evidence, of how rubbish the service is and you might be crying into your pillow at night.
However, surprisingly, for personal use more and more people are portraying social media as a curse. Some wicked witch has cursed us all with seeing everyone else happier than ourselves.
Just how social is social media?
It is actually having the opposite effect and making us anti-social?

Walking down the street and for the fifth time someone has bumping into you because they are too busy catching up on the latest updates on Facebook. Or someone has spilt their entire, double shot soya milk macchiato coffee, all over you whilst juggling their books and scrolling through their social media on their phone (yes, this happened to me). It is becoming more and more noticeable that too many of us are glued to their phones (me included). People hiding behind a phone screen instead of engaging in an actual conversation.
Recently, I have seen people taking ‘a social media break’ (I’ve taken one as well at some point). It can be hard to see people relish in success while you feel your life is at a standstill. My friend found this ‘a social media break’ beneficial because she felt she was interacting with people more. Highlighting, social media does not help her anxiety.

So, is that it?
Is that the solution?
Cut out social media completely?
Maybe for some people, for me, I am far too nosey. I like the idea of social media and being connected with the world. But, I do feel that there needs to be a balance. Try not to make it an obsession, because then it could possibly have a negative effect.
Put down the Iphone and go and have a good old fashioned chinwag #socialise.
#REALatable, can you relate? Or am I just going crazy?


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  1. Such an interesting read. Nice to find a like-minded person out there in the bloggersphere! 🙂

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    1. This is so lovely! Can’t wait to read your blog ☺️Thanks

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes please do, I’ll certainly stay tuned to yours too! 😊


  2. This is so true, I’ve even deleted some social media apps on my phone to stop temptation – its as if somehow we feel we can’t live without it.

    I am enjoying just going on as and when I feel like it rather than being glued to it like I used to be.

    Also since deleting apps and planning more social occasions to see friends etc I’ve noticed a big change with my anxiety (in a good way!!) It’s been incredible so I have to totally agree with you! You’re so right!

    Finally I’ll just add that a family member of mine was abroad and on her phone (for god knows what reason becase she was on holiday) and walked into a street light…ouch but her own fault so I didn’t give much sympathy haha x


    1. Thank you I’m happy you have made this change and has helped your anxiety

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