Let’s Talk, Tiger Talk

Here I am, sitting on the bus, writing my first blog entry and thoughts on my first week at TIGERS LTD. Honestly it has been a quick week. I have definitely not been ‘clock watching.’ In fact, I cannot believe it is the end of the week already! I’ve looked up the desktop computer clock thinking WOW where has the time gone?
It has been great meeting new faces and learning more about the organisation, I have felt so welcomed and included. Being the newbie can be quite overwhelming and daunting. But, that’s just the newbie nerves, especially as a young person trying to find their feet. It is a learning process, a journey, a personal development.
Yea, I will probably get these new faces mixed up, but newbies make mistake, we all make mistakes.
Personally, I think learning to accept that making mistakes is not the end of the world, is the first steps in personal development. Therefore, increasing your confidence when completing tasks, leading to feeling valued and increasing productivity.
The best most fulfilling thought is I feel valued. For me feeling valued makes me feel more motivated, a sense of purpose.
What I love most about TIGERS LTD is their whole ethos, reflecting and supporting personal development. It is not just about ticking boxes. I walked into TIGERS LTD stressing how I am a young graduate struggling to build a career in the industry I am passionate about. This organisation offered me their training, their guidance and most importantly their helping hand.
In my first week as an administrator, I may be singing the alphabet in my head when filing to becoming familiar with the process.
I may take a while to do the data entry.
I may not be the most confident person on the phone and have to apologise for being the newbie and ‘learning the ropes.’
But, that is part of MY journey.
Therefore, starting a new job may be overwhelming but if the organisation truly supports personal development, then the employee will truly develop.
I am extremely happy that TIGERS LTD supports my blog. I feel valued.
So, step out your comfort zone. GO ON!
Let’s Talk, Tiger Talk.
Can you relate? Or am I just going crazy?


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