Face-Palm Interviews

Generally, interviewee’s are always slightly nervous before an interview. Although if the interviewee is not nervous; ask yourself – do you really want the job? It is okay to be nervous, it is natural. Going for an interview, is like putting on a performance. The more someone rehearses, the better the person gets and the more control they have. It is all about control. If the person can control their nerves, the more confident the person seems. Although, I don’t know about you; but I have had some belters of stories to get to the confident stage. Again, it is all about the journey, all about the experience. I have definitely had some face-palm interviews. Every time I think about it I cringe. I am going to share my three top face-palm interview moments.

The top spot for the most memorable face-palm moment is during my time at university. It was a manager position and I was extremely nervous for the interview. I had only gone for a couple of interviews before this point, so very little experience. I picked out my classic grey pinafore that I always wear for interviews. I recommend when going for an interview go for classic colours like black or grey, so the interviewer can make very little judgement on what you are wearing. It is all about image. However, I made one slight change to my wardrobe choice and decided to wear high heels (I don’t know if you already know where I am going with this). The high heels matched and made me look more professional. Professionalism is extremely important. Anyway, I was waiting to go in for a long time and I found out we were going in as groups. Groups! This made me even more nervous, my little legs were shaking like jelly. When my name got called I could feel my legs shaking even more walking to the door. When I opened the door and stepping into the interview room, I lost my footing and face-planted it. It was so bad that the interviewer got up and helped me up. I was MORTIFIED. It was just a really bad interview. I can look back and laugh at the interview now. One thing I learnt from this was do not wear high heels to an interview EVER. I really want to avoid this kind of face-palm moment for the future.

The second face-palm moment spot goes to a quite recent interview. Before the interview, I decided to go to a little café to brush up on my notes in preparation for my interview. Preparing for an interview is extremely important. Anyway, I decided to go the bathroom to freshen up because my interview was just around the corner. I felt prepared. I felt ready. Most importantly, I felt calm. I reached for the bathroom door handle and realised it was stuck. I WAS STUCK! Okay, not so calm now. I was trapped for five minutes. I banged on the door, yelled, luckily the owner heard and got me out. My face was beetroot red. I felt so embarrassed. Luckily I made it to my interview on time. But, I learnt something valuable from my first most embarrassing face-palm moment – recovery. If you make a mistake or say something not quite right, do not let that affect your whole interview. The interviewer will understand you are slightly nervous, people make mistakes, just keep calm and recover from the situation.

My last face-palm moment is more to do with the interviewer rather than the interviewee. I feel that sometimes employers forget that they are trying to impress the interviewee and make them want to work with them. The employer is trying to make the position desirable. Recently, I went to an interview where I was completely put off working for the company. I was extremely excited about getting the interview; it was for a manager position. I dressed smart and was fully prepared. When I arrived I was gradually put off the position. The interviewer seemed pleasant enough. I was in the interview for an hour. The interviewer kept forgetting my name and when remembering pronouncing it wrong. Also, answering three phone calls while I was sitting, offering me a cup of tea and then completely forgetting about it. I just did not feel welcomed. By the third phone call I was completely pissed off and it was written all over my face (that’s not even the worst of it). To top it all off, during the interview, the interviewer said:

“Do you know what Caitlin? You remind me of an employee that used to work here. She was a bit airy fairy but one of my best employees”

AIRY FAIRY. The interviewer had known me for five minutes and I had barely opened my mouth yet. This may seem like a compliment but it highlights a lot of issues with interviews. Like it or not, majority of employers make their decisions within the first three seconds of meeting you. Along with how the interviewee presents themselves – image. On the other hand, the interviewee could change the interviewers mind by WOWing them with an amazing portfolio and remaining confident. But I still think image is a big contributor to the interviewer’s decision. I was labelled as airy fairy within the first five minutes. I did not get the job (did not want it after that). I try and keep my image simple now for interviews and avoid pink. This was definitely a #facepalmmoment.

Can you relate? Or am I just going crazy?


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