First steps

Hi… I know what you are thinking…. not ANOTHER blog. But I would like to think this blog is slightly different. Yes, it will probably talk about #nailgoals and probably parts will be like #makeuponfleek. But it will also show much more than that. Hopefully, something we can all relate to, the struggle. The struggle to make a career and the steps we take. The plain and simple daily obstacles we face. Just real life struggles, how we overcome them and makes us stronger (yes I know deep). If you think it is a load of rubbish you don’t have to subscribe or read it. But it will not stop me. It’s all about the journey; it is all about the steps we take.

In September 2016, I am taking my first proper step as a young graduate and got myself an internship! There is a reason for that exclamation mark, being a young graduate is extremely tough. I just cannot seem to get a job relating to my degree. I have experience and I have a degree but it just does not seem to be enough. Therefore, I have decided to go a different direction and start with an internship. An internship is a great way to gain experience build up your body of work. So, employers can take you a bit more seriously. I’ve found a degree is just not enough. Young graduates do not give up! Keep trying and you will find the job which is “the one”.

Can you relate? Or am I just going crazy?


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